Corium successful with PUR-CSM technology from Hennecke

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Corium is the first Canadian company using PUR-CSM technology from Hennecke in the manufacture of end products for the automotive, outdoor, and maritime industries.

Corium has specialised in the manufacture of PU-based surfaces since it was founded in 2005. In spring 2010, the company invested in a Hennecke PUR-CSM processing plant with separate metering lines for spray skins and moulded foam applications. The tailor-made production system enables spray skin applications with and without direct backfoaming. Moreover, it can also process high-viscosity components for durable spray skins.

A doubling of the production and the forthcoming creation of new production capacities illustrates the success of the company’s homogeneous PU-based product range. Apart from water resistant seating and other flexible foam components, Corium’s product range also comprises complex parts for car interiors and decorative elements. Outside of the automotive sector, the company is an important independent supplier of PU parts on the North American market. Its main business area is the substitution of products that until now were made with other process technology.

According to Corium’s President and founder George Magirescu, the decisive added value is the sum of advantages that arises when PUR-CSM technology is used; not only regarding look and feel but especially the functional optimisation. In boat building for instance certain needs clash, e. g. water, UV, and mould resistance as well as durability for a long time. PUR-CSM enables the company to manufacture a product, which is pleasing to the eye because the Hennecke technology – in contrast to traditional production methods – gives freedom regarding design, said Magirescu. Moreover, it is easier to recycle at the end of its life cycle thanks to the homogeneous PU solution, he said.

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